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                    WALNUT OIL






                    This case will combine the product features and the market's re-consumption orientation to solve the problem of customers selling and packaging outdated. Tieshu walnut is a very special type of walnut. It is famous for its hard shell, while its flesh has richer nutritional value than regular walnut. Through the characteristics of the products, we have done in-depth research and subdivision of the market, and finally positioned it as a high-end product for health care that helps children improve their appetite for dinner. In creative ways, we ingeniously used hand-painted forms to connect the targeted objects through Tiehu Walnut as the core of the two story-like vivid pictures, through three high, short, fat, thin, different gender characteristics of different ages The continuity story of the children together to eat walnuts together with walnuts highlights that the product object can be for children of different ages and different physical fitness and gender, which is highly consistent with our selling point. Let mom and dad get a more intuitive and convincing purchase reason when compared with other similar products. The three children in the picture added the spoons and forks that they usually eat as props to increase when they eat walnuts. The affinity of the screen also increases the sense of interaction with the children. At the same time, the overall tone of the product is mainly white, which highlights the natural and no added features of the product to convey a safe and secure message to consumers, so that parents can feel safer and give them more food to their children and eventually increase appetite. Strengthen the role of physique to help children grow happier and healthier.




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